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Renovation of Pumphouse

Transformation of Copenhagen's first Waterworks
Copenhagen, Denmark
Academic Project, 2012 

Master Thesis - Delft University of Technology
Interiors Buildings Cities Studio

The project propose to renovate copenhagen's first waterworks to a bathhouse, with the idea of  WATER being the media of archeological transition. 


As an industrial monument adapting to cultural space, the Waterworks plant is proposed to reopen to public as an urban link of the Distortion street festival - Copenhagen's annual street event. The rearrange of siteplan programs concerns the reappropriation of water as a material related to pleasure and cleansing. 

The reappropriation as public bath not only concerns a festive bathing experience during transcultural moments, but also gives attention to the reuse of leftover machine spaces with the solidity and isolative characters for private experience. 


Cultural Contingency

in Copenhagen

Research Film

The graduation project is an exploration of power transitions in Copenhagen, which derives from the studio’s general theme: the political engagements with space, especially the manifestations within the city in the context of environmental crisis. The study of political space often includes a range of approaches, but the core discipline remains unchanged: to understand the politics of space and the implications of power relations in space. 


The Politics of Space

Celebration as Revolution

Unexpected Contradiction

Architecture for Lion and Zebra

Beijing, China

Academic Project, 2012 

The design explores an architecture for animals rather than for people by investigating the variation of scales, forms, materials, structures and environments.




The Chinese Pavilion

Building Upon Urban Infrustracture


Split House

Photographer's Villa


Folding Stage

Vertical School of Art and Design

Tower of Temporality

The Venetian Campo, The Festive City

Venice, Italy

Academic Project, 2017 

The project discusses the responsive solution to its urban landscape in both cultural and physical forms through a recurring theme of Venice – the festive city.




Nomadic Community

Competition: Design Resilience in Asia

Adaptable Architecture in Philippines

Barangai = Barangay + I

2018 IFLA APPME International Competition Honorable Mention,

Category of Flood and Water Management

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