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Danyu is a photo artist born in Nanning, China. She is an architect and an independent photographer. 

Location: Netherlands & Denmark & Guangzhou


Based on her architectural background, she develops her fascination on natural colours, picture composition and spatial atmosphere. She likes travelling and shooting around Europe, focusing on the topic of wildness, artistic composition and portrait.


The spectum of her exploration ranges from as tiny as a flower or a leaf to as large as the boundless nature. Her preference for the themes includes wild landscape, architecture interiors, the interaction between people and the geometrical background, the collage of high-saturability colours in everyday moments. She tries to encounter the miracle of the humblest phenomenon by embracing the most ignorant of the everyday fact, due to her belief that the true values are to be risen from the beauty of everyday life.  


WeChat (Official Account): Piscesyuer

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