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Folding Stage

Vertical School of Art and Design

Soho, New York

2015 September - December

It seems like a paradoxical intention to solve congestion, but as Rem Koolhaas put it: “by creating more congestion comes to an adaptive strategy”. Urban congestion has forced architecture to grow in vertical direction.


Soho is also undergoing a significant land shortage currently. As most new buildings in this area cater to more profitable high-end markets, the complex functions of the school are adapted to the site. With a mixture of art, commence and residence, the new school becomes a epitome of Soho. The process of art design is open to the street, so as fashion shows. Art vision prompts people's consuming desires, whereas

market cultivates students' creativity.

The linear stage for fashion show or display is folded and changed into a spiral rising circulation to adapt to the congested block. The long stage is disassembled into floors in different level where an infinite number of simultaneous performances can be given in either the same time or the separated time. The structure is maximized for urban uses, with a mixture of commerce, education, entertainment and residence.

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