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The Graduation Project, 2020 Spring

Master of Science in Architecture

Delft University of Technology


Studio: Interiors Buildings Cities

The Independent Group

Instructors: Sam Vocht, Mark Pimlott, Daniel Rosbottom, Mauro Parravicini

The Politics of Space

The Framework

The graduation project is an exploration of power transitions in Copenhagen, which derives from the studio’s general theme: the political engagements with space, especially the manifestations within the city in the context of environmental crisis. The study of political space often includes a range of approaches, but the core discipline remains unchanged: to understand the politics of space and the implications of power relations in space. 

Power Relations of Copenhagen

The Film

Celebration as Revolution

The Research Book

We are encouraged to research the use of resources, people’s movements and relations to labor practices. I started with a series of research questions from historical aspect towards the architectural reflection of future. Firstly, what does a crisis mean to the Danish state and its people? How did both sides react to the crisis? How did people’s movement affect Copenhagen’s urban structure? Secondly, how does the movement evolve until today, when everything has calmed down and social order has been re-organized? What does the gatherings mean to citizens today? What can I design for a better future? 

Cultural Contingency

The Initial Design


A Transformation of Copenhagen's First Waterworks

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