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Nomadic Community

Design Resilience in Asia, Architectural Design

Valenzuela, Phillipines

2016 March-June

What is "Nostalgia" ?

"Nostalgia' is an unknown. It can develop a feeling of dating back to the past."

—— Fujimori Teunobu

The competition aims to design preventive and adaptive architecture that allows communities to become more resilient in floods in the low-lying rural site. A central idea was extracted from an indigenous word "Barangay", which demonstrates Filipinos' willingness to help each other to move their entire house to avoid floods. This social behavior is regarded as a consistent strategy that integrates the community's cultural identity. Social and cultural values can be optimized by bringing a greater level of flexibility into this living pattern.

The architectural design focused on the underprivileged families living in vulnerable huts that are most susceptible to floods by accounting for factors such as local construction techniques and construction feasibility based on a limited budget. The proposal is a group of houses that can be aggregated into a community and separated as

individual dwellings. The simple design scheme would allow the residents to have the flexibility to decide when or how to aggregate their houses depending on their functional needs.

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